About Us

It’s time to create joy and wealth, don’t you agree? Let’s do it together.

There’s an oddly intoxicating phenomenon that’s experienced when your business leaps to a new level. Whether you’re acquiring a new business, selling your business, or positioning your company for unparalleled growth, the adrenaline and excitement you have for leveling up is almost inexplicable.
The problem? Growth demands a new level of grit, mental fortitude and passion. It requires a relentless commitment to overcoming obscure obstacles, facing your fears, and wearing multiple hats on a daily basis. And money…we didn’t even get into money.
While we’ve met our share of small business hopefuls with BIG dreams and even better ideas, the understanding and preparation required to buy, sell and/or grow a profitable business evades most.
That’s where we come in.
Hi, we’re Marshall and Samantha Doyle, the father/daughter team behind Small Business Coaching—and we’re on a mission to help you buy, grow and/or sell your small business.
For more than two decades, we’ve been negotiating successful acquisitions, developing processes required to optimize operations while streamlining revenue generation, and selling companies for top dollar.

It all started back in the summer of 1999 when Marshall was offered the opportunity to buy a small calibration company operated by a husband and wife team with one additional employee. After taking out two individual loans against his mortgage on a hope and a prayer, Marshall grew that company into a nation-wide service provider.
Of course, that wasn’t without more than a few (life-changing, bank account-draining and eye-opening) bumps along the way.
In 2002, Marshall found himself smack in the middle of a price war. Things went downhill fast–and before he knew it, he was on the brink of bankruptcy. His request for a last-minute hail mary loan was denied and the IRS was literally knocking on his door. After years of price-gouging from the opponent’s side and a little too much faith in the “everything will work itself out” mentality, Marshall sought help from a small business coach.
Tough decisions were made. Prices were significantly raised (yes, right in the middle of the price war.) Processes were created to organize and streamline operations, and things began to turn around. By 2005, Marshall transformed the company he almost lost into a 7-figure success story.
You might think that roller coaster experience would be enough to deter him from moving forward with another business—but that’s not the way Marshall is wired. After all, while he still had quite a bit to learn about business, by that point he had developed a deep appreciation for the critical lessons learned through hardship.
Armed with a blueprint of how to survive in the midst of overwhelming—and often business crippling—obstacles, he acquired his second business in 2005, and eventually, 8 more.

Meanwhile, Samantha was busy gaining the expertise she would soon use side-by-side with her father. She earned 4 degrees and spent more than 10 years honing her skills in process development as she enhanced efficiencies, improved client care, boosted productivity and grew profitability for some of the largest companies in the world.
Perfect timing, too.
In 2014, after learning more about her father’s newest acquisition of a run down motel—which he had a vision for transforming into a thriving, boutique hotel—Samantha asked to join the team and began applying her invaluable process improvement skills.
Game-changing lessons were learned. Strengths were identified. And it became clear that Marshall’s big-picture talents for acquiring and selling businesses was fortified by Samantha’s aptitude to see the intricate details and red flags that needed attention in real time. A perfect father/daughter business partnership was born.
Today, Marshall and Samantha run Small Business Coaching, LLC. Marshall centers his attention on helping clients navigate business acquisitions, growth, and sales while Samantha guides clients through the process of creating and implementing systems that increase efficiencies in day-to-day operations. Together, they position their small business clients to marry their passion with processes in order to increase profits.
If you’re ready to buy your first company, prepare your company and team for growth, grow your existing company through acquisition, or set yourself up for the sale that gives you financial freedom, we’d be honored to guide you through the process using our proven, signature systems and strategies.

It’s time to create joy and wealth, don’t you agree? Let’s do it together